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{January 26, 2009}   Game Challenge #1 rules
these are the rules and game board for my game:

Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

Stephanie Richardson


Objective: Players must make their way across the game board by crossing enemy territory and avoiding traps to make it to the finish first.

Equipment:  1 game board, 1 6-sided die, 7 pom-pom-boms in two different colors (14 total), 3-military pieces in two different colors (6 total)

Setup: place the game board on a flat surface, each player choosing a color to represent them. Each player is given their corrisponding color of pom-pom-bombs and army men, placing their armies on their corrisponding start location, and their pom-pom-bombs in their storage locations. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes first. (Winner goesfirst.)

Gameplay:  Player onerolls one 6-sided die and moves one army token the amount shown on the die in the direction indicated on the board. If they land on a space that is colored in completely using the color they are, they have activated a pom-pom-bomb that they can place anywhere on the board out-lined in their color, or in the area where there is no out-line. Player 2 then rolls the die and repeats the process. If a player lands on a space that occupies a bomb of the opposite color that army is sent back to their respective start position for “treatment” and the bomb is sent back to the original players Pom-Pom-Bomb storage location. The player can choose to advance one army or to send three armies out, moving one army per turn. If the players’ paths cross, they are to play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser returns their army to their start position while the winner occupies that space, no matter what the die roll was. The first player to get one army to the finish space wins the game.

Quick Play rules:

Option 1) Use the same rules as above, but the player that comes closest to the finish location in 15 minutes wins.

Option 2) Use the same rules as in “gameplay” but use 2 6-sided die instead of just one.


Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

The play board for my first game: Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

well it looks better than this in real life… I colored it using sharpes (not shown here). This was made in paint. I colored it in paint also, but since I don’t have a color printer, I just used Sharpe…
The board game in color.

The board game in color.


deserthat says:


You’ve chosen a great appearance for your blog! I’m also glad you added images of the game board as documentation.

How did the revisions you made for the second playtest go? Did allowing more choice create a more exciting game? Did the game bog down with getting three soldiers to the finish?

One other consideration: How do you want to tie in the ‘pom pom’ theme to your game? I think you’ve got a very interesting title juxtaposing war with pom poms that I think you could push further. The Pom Poms suggest safety (and the soldiers are sent back to start rather than dying) and cheerleading, but what would a ‘pom pom bomb’ be? These might be things that are done through modifying visual aesthetics to add narrative and thematic ‘color’ to your game. Remember that one of the things we will be interested in throughout the semester is how games create messages! Currently ‘pom poms’ are a visual component – they could obviously be replaced by blue and red ‘cherry bombs’, though ‘pom pom bombs’ sounds much more intriguing.

-Devin Monnens

desibrink says:

Although I didn’t play your game, I think it looked like a lot of fun. The bombs were a creative element to the board game, and I found it interesting to see the players different strategies, such as placing their own bombs into the opponent’s bomb space, so that it could not be used against them.

The only suggestion I have for you is to possibly consider revising the actual playing board a little. There was a little confusion with which path players were to travel on, although it didn’t seem like a huge issue. Perhaps you could play around with the idea of marking the red and blue spaces, then having “common spaces” be marked differently.

After the professor suggested making it so all three men had to make it to make it to the finish, I think a lot more was brought out of the game play (like having to use the bomb spaces more, or having the multiple duels when playing pieces crossed each other).

Oh and also
… You are so much more computer savvy than me, your blog looks awesome!

setcha says:

Thanks! and yeah, the revisions through play testing helped alot! I’m going to write another blog about how it helped so I’m not going to put that here ;p but yeah it was great! (thanks for the suggestion about haveing all three guys have to make it to the finish, it really made the game more interesting)and the ‘pom pom’ theme came from the fact that the name of the items that I used for bombs are called pom poms and since you were being ‘destroyed’ by something soft and squishy I couldn’t bring myself to make you lose that piece altogether.

setcha says:

Thanks, and you’re right, the game board did get confussing. ^^; I didn’t even think about it as I was drawing it. I thought “This looks cool” and that every one would pay attention to the arrows. I was proven wrong. haha All in all I think the play testing wen great. thanks so much for the feed back 😀

h and I can show you how to change the design for your blog in class (during a break) if you like 🙂

Kitten4u says:

I enjoyed playing your game, especially after we fixed some of the issues it had. The concept (and the name of course) are both very interesting, and I can’t help but love the squishy pom-pom things.

I think that the reason the board can be a bit hard to follow is because the path you’re supposed to take is “detatched” from the rest of the board. At first you’re moving in a smooth circle, but then you have to make a sharp turn in order to get to the finish. If you could just make that path more part of the board it would be easy to find it. They arrows do help, but it’s an easy mistake to make if you’re not paying attention.

Nice job.


theusidides says:

You did a good job designing your game. Even though it seemed like just another war game it proved to be more fun in the end. I do admit your Pom-poms were an interesting choice for a bomb. I liked the rock paper sisors effect too, although I though it was funner when we closed our eyes to play Janken.

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