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{January 26, 2009}   Game Challenge #1

It took me a while to narrow down a few simple idea’s and come up with a solid one. I was looking around Wal*Mart for some stuff to put in my Game Kit with my sister, Elizabeth, we shared ideas and that kinda made it harder for me when I acctually sat down to do my game because I kept thinking, “No, Elizabeth is going to use that!”  I couldn’t get out of the simple “He will/She will” mindset. Then I was sitting at my computer and had my game kit on the floor, looking through my pieces, thinking, “What can I do with an army and Pom-poms??” Then it hit me. and I came up with the game I decided to stick with. I started by drawing the board, with player 1 starting on one side of the page and player 2 on the other, converging somewhere in the middle. Then I thought, that’s too easy, there needs to be conflict. So I added the pom-poms as bombs that you can collect when you land on a space that is filled in with your color, and place them anywhere on the board that was classified as your territory. Then I noticed how in some parts, the two players paths might cross, so if that happened, they would play a simple game or rock-paper-scissors, where the winner would occupy that spot and the loser would go back to their start position. Also I decided that each player has the option of controling three different pieces at a time, moving one piece per turn. when you land on a space occupied by a bomb of a different color you will be sent back to start as well. At this point there is no way to destroy a bomb other than landing on it.


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