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Upon being assigned this I was at a stand still. I had no ideas. I didn’t want my game to look anything like the Martin Luther King Speech, so i had no idea what else to do. I ended up searching google for “I have a dream -King” so I wouldn’t get any reslts that involved him.  What I did find was a song that I hadn’t heard in a long time. “I have a Dream” by ABBA. I listened to the song on youtube, and found a remake of the song by Westlife. I like the song so I kinda based my game on this; in a lame way.  In my game there are three cards: “dream”, “nightmare”, and “Fantacy”. dream and fantacy are words that are repeated through out the song, and I wanted a penalty so I made the nightmare cards. The game works so that after each successful turn (the movement of a piece) the player draws a card. The Dream card allows the player to continue moving the next turn, the fantacy card allows them to roll two dice, and the nightmare card makes them lose a turn.  The board is simple and all the player has to do is reach the finish, following the arrows. If the reach the end first they have realized their dream and win the game. There is a minimum of two players and a maximum of 4. In order to start moving the players must roll their dice and get the same number as the space they start on. (ie. if your starting space is labled “3” you must roll a 3 to “wake up” or start moving). Each roll counts as a turn, the player on the lowest numbered starting space goes first and it goes up from there, plyers can choose which space they start on. For example: if a player starts on the “3” spcae, and rolls a three, they draw a card, and end there turn. If the card they draw is a dream card, they get to roll and move the number shown on the die next turn, if it is a fantacy card they get to roll 2 dice, and move the amount shown, but if it is a nightmare they must roll a three again to start the moving process again. used cards can go under the deck or put in a discard pile and shuffled back in when the cards run low.


{February 11, 2009}   Monopoly- it’s a group thing

“That’s it Grandma! You Win!”


Cheating? what inpires cheating? materialism?  You can cheat by skipping out on rent, “miss counting” the number of spaces you need to move, ect…

Tokens? over time the tokens change from a dog to a dog in a purse, a car to a rocket, a horse to a big screen tv ect…

materialistic?  tells how our culture is getting more materialistic, utility spaces were changed to Internet and cell phone services.

Cash vs. credit

cheat for excitement, or cheat to win.

High die roll goes first,

Go- Jail- Free parking- Go to Jail


Funny- Morgage, go to jail, “infin”opoly, Virtualy monopoly.

inspires jokes, everyone knows about it

Mario party 8- Koopa’s Tycoon Town


Ugh! Twitchy Dead People!

Stephanie Richardson

(3+ Players)

Objective: Guess how your friends are dying and collect coins for correct guess. The player with the most coins wins the game.

Equipment: 83 death cards, Skull coin holder, skull coins, Coffin Box, Skull dice, and pen and paper for each player.

Setup: Open the coffin box, pour the skull coins in the skull coin holder and place it in the coffin for easy acsess. Shuffle the Cards and place them on the opposite side of the coffin as the coins. Make sure everyone has pen and paper and prepare to die!


*       On their turn, a player rolls a skull die to decide on an action

*       1- Act out the death on the card, no talking!

*       2- sing a song about the death on the card without saying what’s on the card

*       3- Draw a picture discribing the death on the card, no words!

*       4- Rhythm with the words on the card without saying the word, go ahead and make up words, you do not speak coherently when you’re dead!

*       5- Play a game of hangman, no hints!

*        6- Draw without lifting your pencil/pen from the page; can you draw death with just one line? 

*       The player will then draw a card

*       With out showing any one else the card, they will portray that death in the way that the die told them to. When some one guesses corectly, collect one coin.

*       Not dieing? Then guess the how your friend is! For a correct guess, you get two coins, but beware for incorrect guesses because you will lose two coins.

*       Don’t want to do what the die tells you? Pay one coin to roll again. You can only do this once per tern.

*       Don’t feel like dieing? Pay ten coins to make a friend go for you. You’ll get the one coin when the answer is guessed correctly, but you can’t guess yourself.  You can only do this once per turn.

*       Don’t want to die that way? Pay a coin to draw again and die a different way! You can only do this once per turn.

*       All coins used are returned to the Skull coin holder.

*       When the guessed correctly the death card is discarded into the lid of the box.

*       When you run out of death cards or skull coins, the game is over, the victim with the most coins wins the game

*       Bonus card! Yup there is one bonus death card in the deck. If you are the one that drew it, you get double the coins for each correct word guessed! If you are the guesser, you get a coin for each correct word guessed!

Quick play options:

*       When the bonus card is guessed correctly, end the game.

*       Cut the deck in half. Don’t use half the death cards, you’ll run out quicker.

*       Time limit! Who ever has the most coins in 15 minutes wins.

(I’ll add pictures later :D)



Here’s a video for the theme song of the game, yes, it has a theme song XD

{February 4, 2009}   Elemental Checkers- The rules

Elemental Checkers

Desirae Brink, Kaila Smith, Elizabth and Stephanie Richardson

 (2 players)

Checkers, only better…. and the rules are…


Objective: Get to the other side of the board with all three elemental pieces (one fire, one water, and one earth) before your opponent does, or other wise impair their ability to do so (by destroying all four of one element type).


Equipment: One Checkers board, 4 black and 4 white fire-elements, 4 black and 4 white Earth-elements, 4 black and 4 white water-elements

Setup: Set the game board on a flat surface; place the game pieces on the board as indicated by the diagram.


            Game play:

·         White moves first. Taking turns per move, moving one token each turn.

·         Fire take Earth

·         Earth takes Water

·         Water takes Fire

·         A token that reaches the opposite side of the board cannot be moved or harmed.


·         Fire-

o   two spaces forward

o   two spaces diagonally forward

o   one space backward

o   one space diagonally backward

o   When going forward, you have the option to move one space instead of two.

o   When moving a piece you may only move in one direction for that turn, (cannot combine directions)

o   Cannot move horizontally

o   Must jump an opponent’s piece to take it

·         Water-

o   One space in any dirction

o   Must jump an opponents piece to take it

·         Earth-

o   One space diagonally forward or backward

o   In order to take a piece you can either jump it diagonally, or move into the space of the piece destroyed in any direction




I will add pictures when I get the correct ones from my team.



This is the diagram of what beats what.

This is the diagram of what beats what.

Earth Spirit for the "Black" Tokens
Earth Spirit for the “Black” Tokens
Fire Spirit
Fire Spirit
Water Spirit
Water Spirit

All images were draw by Desirea Brink 🙂

et cetera