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{February 4, 2009}   Elemental Checkers- The rules

Elemental Checkers

Desirae Brink, Kaila Smith, Elizabth and Stephanie Richardson

 (2 players)

Checkers, only better…. and the rules are…


Objective: Get to the other side of the board with all three elemental pieces (one fire, one water, and one earth) before your opponent does, or other wise impair their ability to do so (by destroying all four of one element type).


Equipment: One Checkers board, 4 black and 4 white fire-elements, 4 black and 4 white Earth-elements, 4 black and 4 white water-elements

Setup: Set the game board on a flat surface; place the game pieces on the board as indicated by the diagram.


            Game play:

·         White moves first. Taking turns per move, moving one token each turn.

·         Fire take Earth

·         Earth takes Water

·         Water takes Fire

·         A token that reaches the opposite side of the board cannot be moved or harmed.


·         Fire-

o   two spaces forward

o   two spaces diagonally forward

o   one space backward

o   one space diagonally backward

o   When going forward, you have the option to move one space instead of two.

o   When moving a piece you may only move in one direction for that turn, (cannot combine directions)

o   Cannot move horizontally

o   Must jump an opponent’s piece to take it

·         Water-

o   One space in any dirction

o   Must jump an opponents piece to take it

·         Earth-

o   One space diagonally forward or backward

o   In order to take a piece you can either jump it diagonally, or move into the space of the piece destroyed in any direction




I will add pictures when I get the correct ones from my team.



This is the diagram of what beats what.

This is the diagram of what beats what.

Earth Spirit for the "Black" Tokens
Earth Spirit for the “Black” Tokens
Fire Spirit
Fire Spirit
Water Spirit
Water Spirit

All images were draw by Desirea Brink 🙂


smorgan3 says:

This was a very fun game, and I’m glad to have play tested it! Rather than a modification of checkers, it reminded me of a combination of checkers and chess. It felt like a game that took a lesser degree of strategical thinking (easier than chess), but made the checkers concept more compelling. Perfect for people like me who enjoy chess but generally aren’t that good at keeping track of all those rules.

During the testing of the game, it was hard to grasp the rules at first (although this is most likely a result of the rules not being typed out; had the rules been available for easy reference, game play would have probably went a lot more smoothly). In the first trial, it did feel like giving the fire pieces so much moving space gave them far too much of an advantage–forward, backward, and diagonal movement, as well as a two-space movement. Limiting all pieces to forward movement only (tested in the second run) really made things a little more fair, as well as raised the level of strategic thinking. Players had to plan ahead to make sure they’d make a correct move or else miss taking a piece; this helped make things far more interesting.

All around, a great game!

Roucis Kyle says:

I really enjoyed this game! Inventive modification to an old game, with a unique concept and rule set. The rules started out to be a little difficult to grasp, but if they had been immediately available during play, they would have been no problem. Overall, simple but still engaging and easy to pick up.

As I recommended before, perhaps a closer to relationship to normal checkers wouldn’t hurt including the inability for pieces to move backwards. This would encourage players to think more tactically and aggressively.

Overall, this was a very successful modification game. Nice work!

[…] Final games for portfolio, plus pictures 🙂 The games I have chosen to present in my portfolio were my Digital game Digital game my realm hopping (with an additional, alternative way of playing it where board pieces are extracted from play after a capture) and the elemental checkers game […]

Great site, I will be back. Well done

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