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{February 8, 2009}   Ugh! Twitchy Dead People!-a game in a Box- Rules


Ugh! Twitchy Dead People!

Stephanie Richardson

(3+ Players)

Objective: Guess how your friends are dying and collect coins for correct guess. The player with the most coins wins the game.

Equipment: 83 death cards, Skull coin holder, skull coins, Coffin Box, Skull dice, and pen and paper for each player.

Setup: Open the coffin box, pour the skull coins in the skull coin holder and place it in the coffin for easy acsess. Shuffle the Cards and place them on the opposite side of the coffin as the coins. Make sure everyone has pen and paper and prepare to die!


*       On their turn, a player rolls a skull die to decide on an action

*       1- Act out the death on the card, no talking!

*       2- sing a song about the death on the card without saying what’s on the card

*       3- Draw a picture discribing the death on the card, no words!

*       4- Rhythm with the words on the card without saying the word, go ahead and make up words, you do not speak coherently when you’re dead!

*       5- Play a game of hangman, no hints!

*        6- Draw without lifting your pencil/pen from the page; can you draw death with just one line? 

*       The player will then draw a card

*       With out showing any one else the card, they will portray that death in the way that the die told them to. When some one guesses corectly, collect one coin.

*       Not dieing? Then guess the how your friend is! For a correct guess, you get two coins, but beware for incorrect guesses because you will lose two coins.

*       Don’t want to do what the die tells you? Pay one coin to roll again. You can only do this once per tern.

*       Don’t feel like dieing? Pay ten coins to make a friend go for you. You’ll get the one coin when the answer is guessed correctly, but you can’t guess yourself.  You can only do this once per turn.

*       Don’t want to die that way? Pay a coin to draw again and die a different way! You can only do this once per turn.

*       All coins used are returned to the Skull coin holder.

*       When the guessed correctly the death card is discarded into the lid of the box.

*       When you run out of death cards or skull coins, the game is over, the victim with the most coins wins the game

*       Bonus card! Yup there is one bonus death card in the deck. If you are the one that drew it, you get double the coins for each correct word guessed! If you are the guesser, you get a coin for each correct word guessed!

Quick play options:

*       When the bonus card is guessed correctly, end the game.

*       Cut the deck in half. Don’t use half the death cards, you’ll run out quicker.

*       Time limit! Who ever has the most coins in 15 minutes wins.

(I’ll add pictures later :D)



Here’s a video for the theme song of the game, yes, it has a theme song XD


l3rr4 says:

LOVES it, Stephanie! 🙂 To be quite honest, I don’t know how you would improve on this game, it’s already pretty far along. I noticed that some people had a hard time drawing the death concepts, but implementing the rolling again/drawing another card for the price of one coin helps that problem.

A lot of fun! Great job! ❤ 🙂

snowtigerpro says:

This was a lot of fun. There seemed to be a lot of preparation that went into this game which made it very playable. I love the fact that there were so many variations of deaths and the fact that they had all really happened made it interesting.

I like the aspect of rolling the dice to “decide” what you have to do to get the “death” to be guessed.

My only suggestions for improvement would be to experiment with teams and/or adding a board with a final goal…like a graveyard or something grim like that. However, this may undermine the original intent of the game by making it more like Cranium. So I might just be totally off base!

Overall, this was a blast. I honestly think that this game has potential to become something that a larger group of people would like to play – AKA: Great marketing potential! Awesome job 😀

deserthat says:


Another entertaining design! I enjoyed how all the elements of your game held together around the Death theme, and you were especially playful with this in the game rules.

By having so many minigames, you’ve helped foster player interaction and conversation. This makes it an excellent party game!

Some comments:

The skull die is out of balance, making it harder to roll 1’s and 2’s. If you are using an odd-shaped die like this, you will want to consider having the numbers that appear less commonly be harder (but perhaps offer greater reward?) and the challenges for the more common numbers be easier. It looks like the challenges for 1 and 2 meet this.

You should have a number of flash cards equal to an unlucky number or a number representing death (i.e. 66, 77, 99 (from the east), 116 (911 upside-down). Or you could have a death word and represent it using numeralogy. Pick a number that’s relatively small!

How long was the play session? It looked like a lot of fun, but be sure to note how long the game lasts. Is it too long? Or is it long enough for a party game?

For a very refined version of this game, you could draw illustrations on the cards to represent the diseases, similar to 18th or 17th century (colonial era) woodcuts of death. That might add another fun layer of color. Of course, that would just be in the concept stages!

-Devin Monnens

suwako says:

You definatly had a great game. The dice were cool, but I’m not sure if they were the best dice to use in this case. No one ever rolled a one, and you seemed very dissapointed about that. The game also lasted a pretty long time. It seems like going through all the cards just takes too long, and it didn’t look like we were in any danger of running out of coins. I would suggest coming up with another way to end the game.

Those two things are the only things I would change. The rest of it was fantastic. Though I still hate drawing with one line. 😛

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