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{February 11, 2009}   Monopoly- it’s a group thing

“That’s it Grandma! You Win!”


Cheating? what inpires cheating? materialism?  You can cheat by skipping out on rent, “miss counting” the number of spaces you need to move, ect…

Tokens? over time the tokens change from a dog to a dog in a purse, a car to a rocket, a horse to a big screen tv ect…

materialistic?  tells how our culture is getting more materialistic, utility spaces were changed to Internet and cell phone services.

Cash vs. credit

cheat for excitement, or cheat to win.

High die roll goes first,

Go- Jail- Free parking- Go to Jail


Funny- Morgage, go to jail, “infin”opoly, Virtualy monopoly.

inspires jokes, everyone knows about it

Mario party 8- Koopa’s Tycoon Town


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