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{February 18, 2009}   I have a Dream- the thought proccess

Upon being assigned this I was at a stand still. I had no ideas. I didn’t want my game to look anything like the Martin Luther King Speech, so i had no idea what else to do. I ended up searching google for “I have a dream -King” so I wouldn’t get any reslts that involved him.  What I did find was a song that I hadn’t heard in a long time. “I have a Dream” by ABBA. I listened to the song on youtube, and found a remake of the song by Westlife. I like the song so I kinda based my game on this; in a lame way.  In my game there are three cards: “dream”, “nightmare”, and “Fantacy”. dream and fantacy are words that are repeated through out the song, and I wanted a penalty so I made the nightmare cards. The game works so that after each successful turn (the movement of a piece) the player draws a card. The Dream card allows the player to continue moving the next turn, the fantacy card allows them to roll two dice, and the nightmare card makes them lose a turn.  The board is simple and all the player has to do is reach the finish, following the arrows. If the reach the end first they have realized their dream and win the game. There is a minimum of two players and a maximum of 4. In order to start moving the players must roll their dice and get the same number as the space they start on. (ie. if your starting space is labled “3” you must roll a 3 to “wake up” or start moving). Each roll counts as a turn, the player on the lowest numbered starting space goes first and it goes up from there, plyers can choose which space they start on. For example: if a player starts on the “3” spcae, and rolls a three, they draw a card, and end there turn. If the card they draw is a dream card, they get to roll and move the number shown on the die next turn, if it is a fantacy card they get to roll 2 dice, and move the amount shown, but if it is a nightmare they must roll a three again to start the moving process again. used cards can go under the deck or put in a discard pile and shuffled back in when the cards run low.


l3rr4 says:

I liked your game 🙂 Like I said in class, if maybe there was another row for “2” (instead of just 1,3,4,5), it’ll give more room for more players and a better chance for some people. But I thought it was quick and fun! 😀

deserthat says:


Sorry I did not get to see your game played! I’m glad someone took a look at ABBA as an inspiration! Do you have a copy of the game board you could upload? Why was the number of players capped at four? If you are using four players, you could try using four-sided dice.

Devin Monnens

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