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{March 2, 2009}   Ugh! They’ll Eat Your Brains!- A narrative Challenge!

Ugh! They’ll Eat Your Brains!

A mysterious, lethal disease is on the loose worldwide, resulting in a catastrophic death rate of humanity, and the increasing rise of attacks, caused by the living dead.

In [place], several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape [name of High School] shortly after it was attacked by “them.” The group now attempts to figure out whom or what was responsible for this plague, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse.

Players decide if they are a student or a nurse (there can only be one nurse), where they are (Continent), and the name of the school. (Australia is the tutorial Contintent and cannot be chosen for the main game. When first time players are present, start in Australia and then move on the chosen destination).

List of Weapons:

baseballbatBaseball Bat    metalpipeMetal Pipe     broomhandleBroom Handle

drillDrill                 nailgunNail Gun         nurseFirst Aid Kit (Nurse only)

Each student player draws a weapon card to decide his or her means of attack and who goes first. The nurse does not get to attack, only heal. Next players decide if they want to work as a team, or split up. If they work as a team they share in the victory, if they split up there is a higher risk of death. The player with the baseball bat goes first.  Go clockwise from there.

Name of Continent

Number of Zombies

 (based on population of each continent as of July 2008)

Australia (Tutorial) 21
South America 300
North America 500
Europe 700
Africa 900
Asia 4,000

To win the game all you have to do is survive until somebody saves you, or until all the zombies are all killed. The only way to be “saved” is if there is a time limit in place.

If a zombie bites you, you become a zombie and try to turn everyone else. This is another tactic to win the game, either survive, or kill everyone. Zombies are hard to kill and you must bash their heads in to keep them dead. Remember if you are bit, you become one. If you die any other way then being bit, you stay dead.


Students: use your weapon to protect yourself or destroy zombies. To attack- you cannot hide forever, zombies will attack you. To defend yourself declare you are attacking a nearby Zombie and roll 2D6, if you roll doubles; you kill the Zombie first try by bashing in its head. If you roll a prime number (3, 5, 7, 11), you are bit and become a zombie. If you roll any other number, the zombie can attack you taking a randomly generated number (1-12) of HP from your health. (Zombies do not have health since they are already dead and the only way to get rid of them is by bashing in their heads (rolling doubles)). Zombies are blind and travel in groups, when you roll doubles, destroy zombies equal to the amount shown on the die. This happens every turn.  HP = 50

Nurse: Team up with students and heal them after a battle, you cannot attack so be careful. To heal- every turn heal one teammate by rolling 1D6, the higher the number, the more you heal, if a higher number is rolled than the student is lacking in health, the student gets a power boost for the next battle and takes half damage. Keep track of how many zombies are left, use whatever method you want (suggestion is tick marks). HP = 24

Zombies: The only way to be a Zombie is if you are bit! If you are a zombie, you can change the other players as well by biting them. If the player attacking rolls a prime number they become a zombie, but now you can attack too, if you roll a 3 or a 5 using 2D6 (added together or separate), that player becomes a Zombie. However, if they roll doubles, you are done for, but at least you do not have to worry about taking damage, the student will take damage as show on your dice. The only way the nurse can be attacked is if all the students on his/her team are killed or turned into a zombie. Zombies can only attack when attacked and not killed or on their turn they can flip a coin, heads they can attack, tails they wonder around (giving them the option of changing where they are sitting/ whom they are sitting by). (Upon attacking the students chooses who fights back/ is attacked).

Special Attack:

The Fire hose: you can use a fire hose to clear the path of Zombies. There must be at least two students present to use this. Destroys ¾ of the Zombies in the direct path (always round up), if some of the zombies are players always kill the npz’s (Non-playable-zombies) first and then roll between the player zombies to see which of them get destroyed (if needed), higher die roll dies.  To use this two student’s roll 2D6, if they roll any two numbers that are in consecutive order (1 and 2, 2 and 3, ECT…) the fire hose is active. The numbers can both be rolled by the same student or by a combined effort of the two (if the first player rolls a 1 and a 3 and the next player rolls a 2 and a 5, the 1 from the first player and the 2 from the second player can be used to activate the hose). Assume that half of all remaining Zombies are in your direct path, if a player zombie is sitting next to the student using the fire hose he/she is also in the direct path.


deserthat says:


Fun concept! I don’t like zombie flicks any, but World War Z is an interesting book about the zombie invasion! It sounds like it is a bit difficult to kill zombies. If you look at the possibility of rolling doubles, it is actually quite low (you’ve got perhaps a 16.66% chance of rolling doubles, or 6:36 – ). So if your players are dying off too quickly, then this would be why!

What types of stories did you see your players creating as they played your game? Remember: this is emergent storytelling, the most common type of narrative that can be created in a game!

Funny, but it looks like it is technically possible for the nurse to survive alone, though there are currently no rules for time limit. This could produce an interesting story!

You should also take another look at the rules. Don’t they seem a little difficult to follow? Read them back aloud to check!

Devin Monnens

theusidides says:

This was a fun game. It reminded me a lot of charades and I think this game could be played in a park or any where really… The poor nurse though… I’m glad you made her slightly more capable of holding her own.
I love the nail gun XD!!! I also wonder if we could play through to the end…??? Maybe you could bring it in again so we could…

desibrink says:

The professor said he didn’t like zombie flicks? But they’re so hilariously cheesy most the time! ^_^

Your game was great. I was -THE- zombie, you know…

I thought the concept was pretty great. I enjoyed that you could do stuff like use the fire hose, and make Nurse Kaila do math…

I actually enjoyed the “flip a coin” rule on weather or not my lazy zombie would attack some one… or just decide to wonder around the room…

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