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{March 6, 2009}   Business cards- the before and after

The Before–

I was thinking about this challenge alot over the weekend before it was due, and came up with little to nothing, I eventually got bored and was throwing wads of paper in the trash, this is where the first idea came from, and then I was thinking about making it fly… thus the second way to play. Another thought I had was getting a penny on the card with out touching the card or the penny, but that ended up being thrown out. my favorite part was the picture I drew on the front, I like my homicidal peanut. XD I would like to, and most likely will, edit the card on the computer to make it look better, hand drawn cards aren’t exactly all the rage today.


The after–

We really didn’t spend much time playing my game, which is totally fine. Since Elizabeth’s game was so long we wanted to get hers tested so we just passed our cards around while we played her game. I did notice that when people tried to get the card in the air, it just flew over their heads. So I’ll have to make the shape of the card a bit different and most likely change the weight as well to get it to even stay afloat for alittle while. And I’d agree that the folding and trashing of competitor cards would be bad for networking, but it was more of a joke than anything XD


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