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{March 6, 2009}   Elemental Checkers- playtest

I thought I alreay had this up so.. yeah here we go! playtesting Elemental Checkers!

Some of the comments we got back were that the way the pieces move (mainly Fire) was confusing. This was especially difficult on the first day of playtesting because we did not have a print out of the rules. After getting the print out on the second day, people got the hang of it easier. One suggestion we got was making a picture of how each token moved for a visual explaination.

some folks also thought it’d be better if the pieces weren’t allowed to move backwards because it took alot of the strategy out of the game. After testing it out on the second day, I don’t really think this hindered people or made the game any less fun though.

All in all we had a pretty good turn out for this game, I like it and would buy it if I saw it on the shelf at walmart, but maybe I’m just bias XD


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