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{March 6, 2009}   I have a dream- rules

I Have a Dream

Stephanie Richardson

Objective: Be the first to the end of the board and relize to final dream and win the game.

Equipment: Dream cards, Nightmare cards, Fantacy Cards, board, dice, playing tokens

Setup: Place the board on a flat surface and put all the pieces on their starting locations. Shuffle the deck of cards and begin to dream.

Gameplay: All players start asleep, to wake up you must roll the number on the die that corrisponds to the โ€œdreamโ€ path you are taking. After waking up you can start moving. At the end of every turn, draw a card from the deck. If it is a dream card you can move again next turn, if it is a nightmare care you lose your next turn, and if it is a Fantasy card you can roll two dice next turn.


((In the end I didn’t like this game. I don’t really know why. But I want to make this one better, if I have time I’ll completely remake this game… ))


theusidides says:

Your dream game was okay… It could have used a lot more work but the idea was there so… I was glad I was able to roll the numbers I needed to get out though it becem harder as I drew more and more nightmare cards…

l3rr4 says:

Even though it was a quick, fun play. I would have to somewhat agree that it wasn’t your strongest game you have designed in this class thus far, but hey, we’re all human, we have our off days ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a quick fun play tho ๐Ÿ™‚

theusidides says:

Fun game, I already told you my thoughts so I won’t waste any memory space by adding them here^_^


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