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{March 10, 2009}   Elemental Mania-Before and After-

Before- I was at a loss for this game, I could not think of a single idea. The concept of using the “Yu-Gi-Oh Duel monster card game” was the first thing that popped into my head, but i had no ideas of how that would work. Then on Thursday night I got on line and found a Yu-Gi-Oh card generator that allows you to make and print your own cards, and that was just what I needed!Now I had the tool I needed, but no real concrete idea to use it for, so I googled games with changeable terrains and found “Hero-Scape”. I remembered watching the commercial for this game awhile ago and thought it was way complex, but I decided that I’d look into it anyway since I was already on the website. I found a video that explained the rules using examples and discovered that it was really quite simple! This gave me all the idea’s I needed to generate my game and for the next few days I walked around with my notebook writing down everything that came to mind. When Sunday rolled around I decided I was ready to write my rules and all the holes would fill in at that time, some of the holes that were filled at midnight were how to win the game. I was really surprised that the game fell together so well with coming up with the ways to play as one of the last things I did. I am really proud of this game 😀


Monday- We played my game as class was coming to an end so we didn’t get to play it all out. We played by the “Great Find”  rules and Desirae found 2 of the 4 so we just declared her the winner because class was over,but I have a feeling she would have won anyway. Everyone said that they liked the game and one of the only suggestions I got was to maybe make the “Convulsions of Nature” card less time consumming. Also I need to clarify that on the “Dimension hole” card you do NOT have to fight the person you transport to. And for the first aid card you can choose to give your added health to another player or res (resurrect) a fallen player whether you were on a team or not. Other than that there was nothing else said except that they enjoyed it. They wanted me to bring it back on Wednesday for complete testing so I will write more here after that. 😮 

well we didn’t have time to play my game again on Wednesday, maybe I’ll bring it back some other time.


deserthat says:


Glad you’re writing such detailed notes on your game! Having detailed observations about how the game idea came about is very important for tracking how you create your own ideas. I’m also glad you’ll be bringing it in again for a second test!

-Devin Monnens

desibrink says:

Your game was a lot of fun, and I gotta say I think the board would look so great in the colors shown in your previous post. ^_^

I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into this game, and it turned out really well. The bonuses for staying on your own territory vs. handicaps on others was done well (maybe I’m just saying that because I had two of the treasures on my territory).

I actually couldn’t find any noticeable flaws or faults in the game, I thought it was great just the way it was…

setcha says:

Thanks for the comments! and yeah I did put A LOT of thought into this game 😀 I’m glad you like it! I’ll bring it back if we ever have time XD
Thanks again for the comments!

theusidides says:

I liked the game!! I gave you suggestions while you made it sooo… I loved my character, eats the flesh of innocents, mwahahaha!!


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