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{March 29, 2009}   Make The Elemental Mania game better! (The making of)

For this challenge I decided to make my Elemental Mania game better. I took the advise of my class mates and made my game better. The first thing I did was print the terrain in color, this should make it funner to play, color excites people 8D. Also the color should make it easier to tell what terrain is what. I also enlarged each terrain, so they each take up the entire card instead of half of it. I figured this made it easier to tell where one space starts and the other ends. I also modified the rules so teams are easier to understand, and the health and convultions of nature cards include what we talked about during play testing. I am also working on making battles easier by making numbers smaller, 20,000 HP was a bit intimidating to most people… The reason I’m having difficulties with this is that some of the NPC monsters I am using have an insane ATK and I am just using Yu-Gi-Oh cards for these monsters and I can’t alture them easily…

Also I am taking suggestions for the name! I really don’t like “Elemental Mania” but I can’t think of what else to call it. If you guys can think of something I’m willing to listen 🙂 plus I’ll give you credit for coming up with it if I chose to use it! lol Thanks!


smorgan3 says:

I totally agree that making the cards bigger and adding color was helpful in recognizing what elemental terrain was what. It was also more exciting in color! haha 😀

As for the battles, I think they went smoothly (and I don’t just mean that because I took out Desirae’s character in one hit…I honestly didn’t know that would happen). 20,000 HP doesn’t seem all that intimidating to me…I don’t know what the others thought, but by the way things went on Monday, I don’t think they found it that intimidating, either. No one seemed to complain about having so much health, so I think it’s fine how it is.

Maybe, so characters/players have a better chance against, say, the incident between my character and Desirae’s, you could maybe take into account the elements of the characters themselves? I know that being on your own terrain will boost an attack/defense, but maybe if a character is off terrain, but has an advantage against the opponent’s element (i.e. water having an advantage against fire), it could help characters stand a fighting chance. Maybe then Desirae’s fire character could have stood a chance against my dark character (since, in my mind, fire has an advantage against dark). Just something to take into account, maybe, to add another level to the fight system? 🙂

As for a name…I’m usually good at that kinda stuff, but I’m drawing a blank right now. Too much schoolwork on the mind. o__o

deserthat says:


What do you think of the Convolutions of Nature card? This card always sounds like it’s a bit unwieldy. How are your players reacting to it? Can the number of terrain cards that can be moved be limited to a smaller number?

I think the 20k HP sounds a bit odd simply because the number is so large. However, you could do the same with Magic: The Gathering and make each player have 20,000HP and each point of damage be multiplied by 10000. The end result is that the number is always 1/20th of the initial starting HP. The only reason you’d need numbers that high is if you had odd amounts of damage dealt.

What goals do you find your players gravitating towards? Are they more interested in PK (Player Killing) than finding the treasure? How easy is each goal to achieve, and how difficult is it to do so? Also – how actively are you encouraging diplomacy and player interaction in your game? I noticed some of your players had joined forces partway through.

-Devin Monnens

desibrink says:

Sorry for such a late reply! (Story of my life…)

Anyway, I think your game is great….
You can probably guess what my suggestion will be… I think instant death kills when people are at full health are unfair. (Mostly because it happened to me. 😦 ) Perhaps you could work something into your game that prevents one-hit kills or whatever you want to call it.

Printing it out in color was a great idea, the board looked absolutely amazing. 🙂 And I still think the terrain change is a neat idea!

l3rr4 says:

I liked how you revised your game! 🙂 For me, having the colors on the cards really made a difference for comprehending the different kinds of spaces. 🙂

I also like the Energy/Stamina bit, I didn’t quite catch that before, but it is a good element to the game play 🙂

Battling makes more sense now, instead of calculating, I like the d-d-d-dice roll off! 😀 Hahah~

Good job!

deserthat says:

One-hit kills? That’s a big no-no in my design book! (unless it’s the player against the game maybe :P) Ever play Odin Sphere? It was a big problem in that game – doesn’t give you time to react or plan.

-Devin Monnens

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