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Ugh! They’ll Eat Your Brains!

A mysterious, lethal disease is on the loose worldwide, resulting in a catastrophic death rate of humanity, and the increasing rise of attacks, caused by the living dead.

In [place], several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape [name of High School] shortly after it was attacked by “them.” The group now attempts to figure out whom or what was responsible for this plague, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse.

Players decide if they are a student or a nurse (there can only be one nurse), where they are (Continent), and the name of the school. (Australia is the tutorial Contintent and cannot be chosen for the main game. When first time players are present, start in Australia and then move on the chosen destination).

List of Weapons:

baseballbatBaseball Bat    metalpipeMetal Pipe     broomhandleBroom Handle drillDrill                 nailgunNail Gun         nurseFirst Aid Kit (Nurse only)

Each student player draws a weapon card to decide his or her means of attack and who goes first. The nurse does not get to attack, only heal. Next players decide if they want to work as a team, or split up. If they work as a team they share in the victory, if they split up there is a higher risk of death. The player with the baseball bat goes first.  Go clockwise from there.

Name of Continent

Number of Zombies

 (based on population of each continent as of July 2008)

Australia (Tutorial)


South America


North America








To win the game all you have to do is survive until somebody saves you, or until all the zombies are all killed. The only way to be “saved” is if there is a time limit in place.

If a zombie bites you, you become a zombie and try to turn everyone else. This is another tactic to win the game, either survive, or kill everyone. Zombies are hard to kill and you must bash their heads in to keep them dead. Remember if you are bit, you become one. If you die any other way then being bit, you stay dead.


Students: Use your weapon to protect yourself and destroy zombies.  Roll 2D6 to attack, if you roll a number that is added together to get an odd number, destroy twice the number shown. If you roll 1, you are bit and become a zombie. If you roll any other number, the zombie can attack you taking the number shown on the die from your health. (Zombies do not have health since they are already dead and the only way to get rid of them is by bashing in their heads (rolling doubles)). Zombies are blind and travel in groups, when you roll doubles, destroy zombies equal to the amount shown on the die. This happens every turn.  HP = 50

Nurse: Team up with students and heal them after a battle. Every turn heal one teammate by rolling 1D6, the higher the number the more you heal. If a higher number is rolled than the student is lacking in health the student gets a power boost for the next battle and takes half damage. To attack, roll a one or a six on 2D6, added together or seperate (destroying the amount shown on both die). Keep track of how many zombies are left, use whatever method you want (suggestion is tick marks). HP = 25

Zombies: The only way to be a Zombie is if you are bit! If you are a zombie, you can change the other players as well by biting them. If the player attacking rolls a prime number they become a zombie, but now you can attack too, if you roll a 3 or a 5 using 2D6 (added together or separate), that player becomes a Zombie. However, if they roll doubles, you are done for, but at least you do not have to worry about taking damage, the student will take damage as show on your dice. The only way the nurse can be attacked is if all the students on his/her team are killed or turned into a zombie. Zombies can only attack when attacked and not killed or on their turn they can flip a coin, heads they can attack, tails they wonder around (giving them the option of changing where they are sitting/ whom they are sitting by). (Upon attacking the students chooses who fights back/ is attacked). Board rules: When a player is turned into a zombie, they move around the board, trying to kill/turn the other players and protect the zombie generator. Zombies cannot drive, but can walk on the street, choosing when they go back and forth between the street and the sidewalk.


Special Attack:

The Fire hose: you can use a fire hose to clear the path of Zombies. There must be at least two students present to use this. Destroys ¾ of the Zombies in the direct path (always round up), if some of the zombies are players always kill the npz’s (Non-playable-zombies) first and then roll between the player zombies to see which of them get destroyed (if needed), higher die roll dies.  To use this two student’s roll 2D6, if they roll any two numbers that are in consecutive order (1 and 2, 2 and 3, ECT…) the fire hose is active. The numbers can both be rolled by the same student or by a combined effort of the two (if the first player rolls a 1 and a 3 and the next player rolls a 2 and a 5, the 1 from the first player and the 2 from the second player can be used to activate the hose). Assume that half of all remaining Zombies are in your direct path, if a player zombie is sitting next to the student using the fire hose he/she is also in the direct path. (Players can do this whenever they are in/near a building but must give up their next turn, in board game rules.)

Board Rules:

Game Play:

Gameplay starts the same as without the board, each player draws a card to determine who goes first; the player that draws the bat goes first and play goes clockwise from there.

Roll one D6 to move across the board, gather needed items by landing on the correct spaces and defeat Zombie along the way. To win all players have to do is get to “NASA” and go to another planet that is not infected with zombies, or be the hero and destroy the “Zombie Generator”.  Each turn players roll 2D6 (after moving) to attack zombies. (See above for details)

Getting to another Planet:

In order to get to another planet all (living) players must reach the rocket ship in the center of the board. To get to the rocket at least one player must have a car, and they all must wait at the bridge for the other players to get there. Once all players have reached the bridge they all roll a die at the same time, if all players get an odd number or all players get an even number, they can move that amount of spaces, otherwise, they must stay at the foot of the bridge. If two or more cars are in play all players that roll the same number (odd or even) as the player with the car can move with that player, moving the amount shown on the “drivers” die.

Destroying the Zombie Generator:

The Zombie genorator can only be accessed on foot. To destroy it the player must roll a series of 3 dice, getting all odd, or all even numbers. If the player fails, they can try again the next turn, however if they fail three times, theybecome a zombie. If they succed they win the game.  



Board Details:


High School:  This is the starting space. All players start with the weapon on the card they drew at the beginning of the game. Passing through the school during game play gets you nothing.


Police Station: There are two Police Stations on the board; here players get weapon upgrades, as shown below.


Gas Station: There are two Gas Stations on the board; here players steal a vehicle to get to NASA and run zombies over. (See below for details.)


Downtown: There is one downtown. Here players are safe from zombies for the time being (since it is the furthest from the Zombie generator). After the Zombie Genorator has been attacked (and not destroyed), this is no longer a safe zone.


Park: There is one park on the board. This is just another space.  


Zombie Generator:  The Zombie generator is what turns people into zombies, destroy this and you save the world, but be carful because there are a bunch of zombies in that area.


NASA: Get here and blast off to a non-zombie infested world.



When landing on a police station, players upgrade their weapons, causing double damage and more accuracy.

Students: When upgraded, roll 2D6 to attack. If the numbers rolled have an odd number, whether separate or together, destoy triple the amount shown on the die. If doubles are rolled, destroy 5X the amount shown on the die, whether it is an odd or even number.

Nurse: After upgrading, a nurse can cure an aflicted teammate by rolling an even number and destroy double the amount of zombies as shown on the die when rolling any odd number. The nurse can also bring the dead back to life when rolling the number 7 in any form.

scytheScythe (baseball bat)  katanaKatana (metal pipe)   knightlyswordKnight Sword (broom handle)  machinegunMachine Gun (drill) cal16Gun (nail gun) zombiesurvivalkitZombie Survival Kit (First Aid Kit/Nurse)


Cars:  When landing on the Gas station, players can get a car. Move to the center portion of the board and run zombies over. You cannot die or be turned into a zombie when in a car, but the car only last three turns. Roll 2D6 and destroy 5X the amount of zombies as shown on the die.

Zombie Car


the Game board

the Game board


{April 6, 2009}   Ugh! Clique Suicide- Rules

Ugh! Clique Suicide

Stephanie Richardson

Objective: There is no way to win this game, and it has already begun. Everyday people go through what you are about to experience; there is no turning back. When one person loses, everyone loses; it is that simple.

Equipment: 17 Clique cards, rules, and players imaginations

Setup: Each player draws a clique card randomly (no peeking!), once everyone has his or her card, play begins. Each character starts with ten “self-esteem” points. The quietest player goes first.

Gameplay: Starting with the quietest player, go clockwise in a turn base gameplay. During each turn, the player pokes fun at whatever other player they choose, so long as they remain in character while they do so. Being in character can include a voice change, physical action, words said, and who is being picked on. The only thing that is manditory to use is words said. Each turn someone is picked on, they loose a Self-esteem point. When one player’s self-esteem points reach zero, they commit suicide, causing the game to end.

Players are not allowed to show the others how many self esteem points they have remaining, players are also not allowed to keep track of other players self esteem points on paper or by any other means, besides remembering. If you do not act in character, you loose two self-esteem points. (This could be inforced by other players or an apointed Game Master).

et cetera