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{April 6, 2009}   Ugh! Clique Suicide- Rules

Ugh! Clique Suicide

Stephanie Richardson

Objective: There is no way to win this game, and it has already begun. Everyday people go through what you are about to experience; there is no turning back. When one person loses, everyone loses; it is that simple.

Equipment: 17 Clique cards, rules, and players imaginations

Setup: Each player draws a clique card randomly (no peeking!), once everyone has his or her card, play begins. Each character starts with ten “self-esteem” points. The quietest player goes first.

Gameplay: Starting with the quietest player, go clockwise in a turn base gameplay. During each turn, the player pokes fun at whatever other player they choose, so long as they remain in character while they do so. Being in character can include a voice change, physical action, words said, and who is being picked on. The only thing that is manditory to use is words said. Each turn someone is picked on, they loose a Self-esteem point. When one player’s self-esteem points reach zero, they commit suicide, causing the game to end.

Players are not allowed to show the others how many self esteem points they have remaining, players are also not allowed to keep track of other players self esteem points on paper or by any other means, besides remembering. If you do not act in character, you loose two self-esteem points. (This could be inforced by other players or an apointed Game Master).


l3rr4 says:

LOL! Your game was hilarious and fun to play! I really enjoyed it 🙂 I think it is a good commentary about how we really don’t know how much comments can hurt people and it could drive them to commit suicide. 😛 I like the “Wannabe” card being a wild card sort of thing 🙂 It makes things interesting!

I would suggest some sort of reward for a good come-back after you have been insulted. Maybe you don’t lose a point off of your self-esteem for that round or something like that 🙂

Great job!!! 😀

suwako says:

And this is why I never finished high school! 😛

It was pretty fun. I’ll admit I kind if wish I got the gamer geek so I could make obscure Touhou references no one would understand, but it was kind of fun playing the bookworm too. It was kind of hard though because I don’t read anything but comic books. x: Good thing being violent and throwing things worked too. The wannabe card was a great idea too.

I like the idea that coming up with a better comeback than the insult thrown at you will save your self-esteem. It would make the game last a little longer, and it would encourage players to be more creative.

deserthat says:


I really liked how this game turned out. I like your rules for going first, the equipment, and your description that the game is already lost as soon as you begin – that is good commentary on high school cliques. Laura’s comments get this straight on. The fun thing though is because this is a game, it lets us see what a dangerous situation this can be from a zone of safety. Of course, real life treats it almost as a game, too… The fun of course is from the player interactions, which in the real world can be very mean.

Like I said, my only major suggestion was adding rules for counter-insults. That can let other players brood during their turn.

It might be interesting to have other wild cards aside from the ‘wannabe’ as that added a lot of humor (it was also impossible to get rid of the card…). Note: wasn’t it the wannabe who died? You should play multiple games to see if that is a guarantee (hopefully it isn’t).

-Devin Monnens

smorgan3 says:

Wow, way for me to be so late on commenting. Better late than never, though, right?

I seriously loved this game. Seriously. I still think back on it and just how freakin’ hilarious that day in class was. Not only is it a great message about the nature of cliques, but it really shows how individuals interpret a particular type of person (like me and my burnout druggie impersonation).

I think everyone else has probably said this, too, but I’ll support it by saying it again. I think there should be some sort of point/reward system for coming up with a good come back. Players have to stay in character when they make their come back, and like all good come backs, it has to be immediate or something along those lines. ‘Cuz I vaguely recall you mentioning somewhere at the beginning of the game that players had to take the insult and be in character when it happens, or else they lose two self esteem points instead of just one. That’s why I was throwing out my come backs, to avoid losing points. So maybe I just misunderstood it. But yeah, I think a come back reward system would make things interesting and add another level to the game. And players can judge whether or not it was a good come back. I dunno…play with it! 🙂

Nice work.

desibrink says:

I’m so behind on commenting! Sorry….

Anyway, this game was a blast. After I became a “wannabe slut whore ass-grabber” or whatever that was, it was just great. Apparently, my hitting on people makes them want to kill themselves. D:

That’s because I was all promise and no action…. ^_^

As far as improvement ideas, I’m not quite sure what you could do…
Maybe giving players some kind of cheat sheet for their characters in case they get stuck? Also, the suggestion of letting the players fight for their self-esteem with a comeback sounded promising…

mmmm… I guess that’s it. 😀

Who knew Sarah was such a pervy one though?

theusidides says:

I wanted to die T.T … he he he^_^. Well I liked the game!! I feel like a bit of a bully though… I like how others were counteracting the comments made, even though it wasn’t part of the original game…

No suggestions


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