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{May 13, 2009}   Prototyping…

yeah well this is way late but here it is 🙂

What is prototyping?  Prototyping is a way to test out an idea without putting alot of time and money into it. It also helps work out kinks in ideas before alot of money is put into them.

Why do you think prototyping is important?  I think it’s important because it’s a good way to weed out “bad ideas” or ones that just aren’t reasonable. It also helps work out initial kinks and gives you a foundation to start a a bigger project. If you sit down to make a digital game with no prior thought, it could end badly and take a lot longer than anticipated.

How can you use paper prototypes for digital games? just sketch out a quick plan through the rules in and know how they translate to digital, like the rules of movement and what a player can do or interact with. The bast example I can think of this is Monopoly, it started as a board game and now has a digital version that is exactly the same as the board game. It would be better, I think, to expand on your ideas when transfering the prototype to a digital game, but not changing it works too, like if I were to make a digital version of our “Elemental Checkers” game I wouldn’t change game play and focus entirely on how it looks.

What can you do to improve your development process to make it more streamlined based on what these authors discuss? I’m not quite sure how I can improve, I guess I could acctually make a paper prototype for digital games XD I think it would be interesting to see “Elemental Mania” as a digital game, it would be hard tho because the players have so much control over the terrain, so I would pry just make the computer take care of that. :3 cuz I’m lazy. but we’ll see.


There is a iPhone App. class offered in the fall at UCCS and I think it would be good if they used the prototyping, I think it would help clarify concepts as well. Sadly I’m not taking the class so I pry won’t find out D: o’well the article just reminded me of that. haha


yeah… there is no game to go with it but I drew the pics myself :3


So if you can’t tell this is the follow up of the remake of Ugh! They’ll eat your brains! so here goes…

I think every one liked it better with the board. I would like to remake it again and space the police/ gas stations farther apart and maybe only include one of each. The car had too much power to keep running around. I’m also thinking that there will be a total of 6 cars, and once they are used they are removed from play so the players have to use them strategically if they want to get to NASA. I’m also thinking that there is no set number of Zombies and the Genorator just keeps making more, so each turn you would be rolling to be attacked and not to kill zombies. The only problem with that is that it would seem useless to get a weapon upgrade unless it decreased you chances of becomimg a zombie, which at this point it doesn’t, it only increases the number you kill. I think this game went well over all tho :3

{May 11, 2009}   Follow up on Clique suicide

Well I think it turned out well, people still remember it and occasionlly bring it up :3 The biggest thing that I feel needs to be changed is that comebacks should be ab;e to get you something. My only issue with implamenting this change is that the whole point of the game (making fun/picking on others hurts, even though they dind’t always show it on the outside) would be trashed, the only thing I can think of is that the other person would also loose a point, but that wouldn’t really be rewarding the player… but I guess we don’t need to reward the player…. they already know they are going to lose >.>

{May 11, 2009}   Digital Game

Wow it’s been forever right? ok so the digital game. Me and Elizabeth worked on this together all weekend… yup that’s right from friday night to monday morning we were working on this game. I did the majority of the coding and the sounds, and Elizabeth did the graphics, except for the few I worked on… ^^; Elizabeth did the entire story plot and dialogue, the entire game was actually her idea, I just helped her code it really…

when we were assignd the project I was thinking about doing a Martail Arts competition using the characters from Bleach. The reason I went with Elizabeth’s idea was because she was really excited about it and asked me to help. I’m glad I did too because there is no way she could have finished it on her own… I was really excited when I found the sound bits online from other Bleach games :3 I’m glad we were able to use these.

We used gamemaker to make the game, I already knew how to do alot of the coding using this software, but not all of it. Through making this game I learned how to set timelines, alarms, and get user input :0 I was excited needless to say. The thing I was upset about was that the characters got stuck when others played them, but when I played them I never got stuck, I knew getting stuck in a gamemaker game was a huge possibility so when I was coding I was sure to test the movements in EVERY level and I NEVER got stuck 😡 it was annoying needless to say…. (I say that alot in this post apparently… ) I wish it hadn’t taken so long to make, I like my sleep and I didn’t get much that weekend >,< but I did get A TON of Mountain Dew so I guess that makes up for it 🙂 lol I can’t think of anything else to say …. oh yeah! playtesting… when we brought it to class I was sad because there were no speakers and no one could hear the sound I was so happy that I found 😥 good thing it didn’t take long to code that or I would have been very angry 😀 The biggest thing I noticed was that people were crowded around the keyboard and really didn’t know what to do… I think it would have helped to have the moveable character in the intruction screen so they could move around to get used to hte controls before game play. this would be one change I’d make if I were to re-do it. I would also limit the movement in some other way than with an invisable object, because people kept getting stuck on it… I would need to hard code the sprite to say it cannot pass a certain boundry… but that would have taken longer XD  and I would have had to do more math than I was comfortable with at 3 in the morning. Other than movement issues I don’t think people really understood their goal, I think Sarah understood that her character blew boxes/rocks up and gathered the clue beneath them, but I got the feeling that Lauren and Desirea didn’t know who they were supposed to destroy, or that when the people they were supposed to get rids of touched a clue, hidden or otherwise, or hit Sarah’s character, the game ended. because of this I would pry add a game save option so you could start back up in the same room you lost in because it is easy to loose. Re-playability also kinda sucks because once you guess “who did it?” right, that’s it, it never changes. I didn’t know how to randomly genorate clues that cooresponded with a specific character and no one else… I guess I could have figured it out but with the time constrant, it didn’t seem worth it to me… yeah so that’s that :3

as the title says, and here are the pics :3

well the title says it all :3

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