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{May 11, 2009}   Follow up on Clique suicide

Well I think it turned out well, people still remember it and occasionlly bring it up :3 The biggest thing that I feel needs to be changed is that comebacks should be ab;e to get you something. My only issue with implamenting this change is that the whole point of the game (making fun/picking on others hurts, even though they dind’t always show it on the outside) would be trashed, the only thing I can think of is that the other person would also loose a point, but that wouldn’t really be rewarding the player… but I guess we don’t need to reward the player…. they already know they are going to lose >.>


deserthat says:


Good observations. It’s good to think about the core message of your game when considering feedback. Perhaps you can consider a situation where the insult match can become lengthy – the more insults are slung back and forth, the more points are lost (but the player who can’t give a come-back loses an additional point). It does seem though that players could use greater opportunity to interact with each other…

-Devin Monnens

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