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{May 13, 2009}   Prototyping…

yeah well this is way late but here it is 🙂

What is prototyping?  Prototyping is a way to test out an idea without putting alot of time and money into it. It also helps work out kinks in ideas before alot of money is put into them.

Why do you think prototyping is important?  I think it’s important because it’s a good way to weed out “bad ideas” or ones that just aren’t reasonable. It also helps work out initial kinks and gives you a foundation to start a a bigger project. If you sit down to make a digital game with no prior thought, it could end badly and take a lot longer than anticipated.

How can you use paper prototypes for digital games? just sketch out a quick plan through the rules in and know how they translate to digital, like the rules of movement and what a player can do or interact with. The bast example I can think of this is Monopoly, it started as a board game and now has a digital version that is exactly the same as the board game. It would be better, I think, to expand on your ideas when transfering the prototype to a digital game, but not changing it works too, like if I were to make a digital version of our “Elemental Checkers” game I wouldn’t change game play and focus entirely on how it looks.

What can you do to improve your development process to make it more streamlined based on what these authors discuss? I’m not quite sure how I can improve, I guess I could acctually make a paper prototype for digital games XD I think it would be interesting to see “Elemental Mania” as a digital game, it would be hard tho because the players have so much control over the terrain, so I would pry just make the computer take care of that. :3 cuz I’m lazy. but we’ll see.


There is a iPhone App. class offered in the fall at UCCS and I think it would be good if they used the prototyping, I think it would help clarify concepts as well. Sadly I’m not taking the class so I pry won’t find out D: o’well the article just reminded me of that. haha


deserthat says:


Good responses! For prototyping a digital version of Elemental Mania, you would start with placeholder graphics and test out individual components. You would concentrate on building individual parts of how the game worked, such as the code for getting the pieces to move. If you were doing a multiplayer game, you would then have to build the AI and test that out piece by piece.

When we work on digital games (or any game), we tend to want to get the whole thing up and running first. But in fact, if you build parts and get those working, you can piece those components together as you work! That breaks the problem down into simpler bits and lets you concentrate on what you think is most important or what you can get done fastest.

-Devin Monnens

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