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{January 28, 2009}   Challenge #1 -play testing-

During play testing I got a ton of feed back! The girls playing my game, and the ones watching all gave me ideas that I had never thought of. One in particular that I had thought of was the layout of the game board. I went through a few different versions of the game board to make it more readable but I found that even the one I decided to go with still wasn’t good enough. Some idea’s I got about fixing it is by maybe changing the colors of nuetral space so the player new when they had to go up instead of continuing all the way around the board. I thought that maybe I should also make the arrows bigger or add glitter or something to catch the attention of the players that their colors need to follow their respective arrows, also explicitly  including this in the rules would help. There were also several idea’s that I need to make clearer in the rules, like only one army man can be moved per dice roll, as many of your own army can can occupy the same spot as you’d like (but if you lost a duel, they’d all be sent back to start),  you cannot place a bomb on a space that is already occupied or the finish space, and if you land on a space with one of your own bombs you can choose to relocate it. Other idea’s were also generated. One idea that we implimented right away was that all three army men had to make it to the finish instead of just one, this made the game alot more interesting and challenge, it added more of an element of stratgy instead of just race to the finish. Also the first time the game was played there was no duel because the army guys never crossed paths, Prof. Monnens suggested that an army guy of the opposite color start a few spaces away from the others start possition, forming a blockade (ex. if you are blue, there would be a red army guy standing in your way two or three spaces from your start position, forcing you to duel, or move your guy that is positioned in front of the red’s start position) this also added a new element to the game that, I thought, really improved it. While game play there was an issue with playing rock-paper-scissors, so the option of play duels and deciding who goes first should be a choice for the player, either rock-paper-scissors, or a dice roll. I like rock-paper-scissor better because it adds a more combative, strategic element to the game, but the option should be availible for those that don’t like this and prefer the luck of the roll. Another new idea that was thrown out when the players continued getting sent back to start by their enemies bombs was that if you land on an enemy bomb square you can de-activate your enemies bomb. This also adds more strategy to the game. A technical idea that was throw out there was finding a way to hold the pom-poms down to the board because they kept sliding around, and the players weren’t sure what spot the bomb was on. Also making each square bigger and the same size was a suggestion for clarifying the game board. All in all I got a lot of feed back and really enjoyed the play testing. 😀


{January 26, 2009}   Game Challenge #1 rules
these are the rules and game board for my game:

Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

Stephanie Richardson


Objective: Players must make their way across the game board by crossing enemy territory and avoiding traps to make it to the finish first.

Equipment:  1 game board, 1 6-sided die, 7 pom-pom-boms in two different colors (14 total), 3-military pieces in two different colors (6 total)

Setup: place the game board on a flat surface, each player choosing a color to represent them. Each player is given their corrisponding color of pom-pom-bombs and army men, placing their armies on their corrisponding start location, and their pom-pom-bombs in their storage locations. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes first. (Winner goesfirst.)

Gameplay:  Player onerolls one 6-sided die and moves one army token the amount shown on the die in the direction indicated on the board. If they land on a space that is colored in completely using the color they are, they have activated a pom-pom-bomb that they can place anywhere on the board out-lined in their color, or in the area where there is no out-line. Player 2 then rolls the die and repeats the process. If a player lands on a space that occupies a bomb of the opposite color that army is sent back to their respective start position for “treatment” and the bomb is sent back to the original players Pom-Pom-Bomb storage location. The player can choose to advance one army or to send three armies out, moving one army per turn. If the players’ paths cross, they are to play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser returns their army to their start position while the winner occupies that space, no matter what the die roll was. The first player to get one army to the finish space wins the game.

Quick Play rules:

Option 1) Use the same rules as above, but the player that comes closest to the finish location in 15 minutes wins.

Option 2) Use the same rules as in “gameplay” but use 2 6-sided die instead of just one.


Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

The play board for my first game: Ugh! You Pom-Pomed My Army Guy!

well it looks better than this in real life… I colored it using sharpes (not shown here). This was made in paint. I colored it in paint also, but since I don’t have a color printer, I just used Sharpe…
The board game in color.

The board game in color.

{January 26, 2009}   Game Challenge #1

It took me a while to narrow down a few simple idea’s and come up with a solid one. I was looking around Wal*Mart for some stuff to put in my Game Kit with my sister, Elizabeth, we shared ideas and that kinda made it harder for me when I acctually sat down to do my game because I kept thinking, “No, Elizabeth is going to use that!”  I couldn’t get out of the simple “He will/She will” mindset. Then I was sitting at my computer and had my game kit on the floor, looking through my pieces, thinking, “What can I do with an army and Pom-poms??” Then it hit me. and I came up with the game I decided to stick with. I started by drawing the board, with player 1 starting on one side of the page and player 2 on the other, converging somewhere in the middle. Then I thought, that’s too easy, there needs to be conflict. So I added the pom-poms as bombs that you can collect when you land on a space that is filled in with your color, and place them anywhere on the board that was classified as your territory. Then I noticed how in some parts, the two players paths might cross, so if that happened, they would play a simple game or rock-paper-scissors, where the winner would occupy that spot and the loser would go back to their start position. Also I decided that each player has the option of controling three different pieces at a time, moving one piece per turn. when you land on a space occupied by a bomb of a different color you will be sent back to start as well. At this point there is no way to destroy a bomb other than landing on it.

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