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{April 6, 2009}   Ugh! Clique Suicide- Rules

Ugh! Clique Suicide

Stephanie Richardson

Objective: There is no way to win this game, and it has already begun. Everyday people go through what you are about to experience; there is no turning back. When one person loses, everyone loses; it is that simple.

Equipment: 17 Clique cards, rules, and players imaginations

Setup: Each player draws a clique card randomly (no peeking!), once everyone has his or her card, play begins. Each character starts with ten “self-esteem” points. The quietest player goes first.

Gameplay: Starting with the quietest player, go clockwise in a turn base gameplay. During each turn, the player pokes fun at whatever other player they choose, so long as they remain in character while they do so. Being in character can include a voice change, physical action, words said, and who is being picked on. The only thing that is manditory to use is words said. Each turn someone is picked on, they loose a Self-esteem point. When one player’s self-esteem points reach zero, they commit suicide, causing the game to end.

Players are not allowed to show the others how many self esteem points they have remaining, players are also not allowed to keep track of other players self esteem points on paper or by any other means, besides remembering. If you do not act in character, you loose two self-esteem points. (This could be inforced by other players or an apointed Game Master).


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