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I went through alot of different ideas for this game, like making an RPG where the box is the playing field and the tokens would be a tac or something else that would stick to the board when you are on the side. But then I came to problem of “what if the player ends up on the bottom…” so  decide that would either mean you lose or win, but I gave up on the idea. Then I got lost on what I wanted to do so I went and watched a murder mystery show with my mom. That’s where the dead people came from. Elizabeth told me that after people are dead their bodies twitch for awhile, and that’s where the name came from. After that it was all a matter of  reseaching different kinds of deaths, printing them out and making all the pieces in the game death related. Elizabeth really liked the idea of charades so she pushed me to continue on this path, so I did, adding different challenges depending on the number rolled on the die. The most time consuming thing was pasting the card fronts and backs to a normal playing card so they are not see through and so they are sturdy. Elizabeth gave me the coufin box which helped to procure ideas as well and ended with “Ugh! Twitchy Dead People!”


Needless to say, everyone died. XD which was of course the purpose of the game. People really didn’t complain about anything in the game. One thing that was noted was with the lopsided skull die, it wsa harder to roll a 1 or a 2 so people didn’t get to play those “mini games” as often. Since it was harder to roll a 1 or a 2 it would make sence that the minigames that corrispond with the those numbers to be more difficult to play, which they are, 1 is acting and 2 is singing. Because of this I didn’ see a need to change anything about this. Other comments that I got ended up being I would say this… but you alreagy fixed that game flaw. So in the end people enjoyed it the way it was. I even got a couple people saying that they’d buy it if it were sold in a store. The next class period after playing my game, one player said that she was telling everyone that she talked to about it and that if she had it she’d play it again. Another comment that was made was that the diversity of the minigames kept the players attention, even though we had to refer back to the rules to see which number related to which game, but this didn’t seem to be a problem, and players eventually started to remember what was what towards the end of the game. We ended up playiing for about an hour and a half, totally losing track of time. When I looked at the clock I decided we’d better stop playing so we could test the other players games. In the end I think this was one of my more enjoyed games 🙂



Ugh! Twitchy Dead People!

Stephanie Richardson

(3+ Players)

Objective: Guess how your friends are dying and collect coins for correct guess. The player with the most coins wins the game.

Equipment: 83 death cards, Skull coin holder, skull coins, Coffin Box, Skull dice, and pen and paper for each player.

Setup: Open the coffin box, pour the skull coins in the skull coin holder and place it in the coffin for easy acsess. Shuffle the Cards and place them on the opposite side of the coffin as the coins. Make sure everyone has pen and paper and prepare to die!


*       On their turn, a player rolls a skull die to decide on an action

*       1- Act out the death on the card, no talking!

*       2- sing a song about the death on the card without saying what’s on the card

*       3- Draw a picture discribing the death on the card, no words!

*       4- Rhythm with the words on the card without saying the word, go ahead and make up words, you do not speak coherently when you’re dead!

*       5- Play a game of hangman, no hints!

*        6- Draw without lifting your pencil/pen from the page; can you draw death with just one line? 

*       The player will then draw a card

*       With out showing any one else the card, they will portray that death in the way that the die told them to. When some one guesses corectly, collect one coin.

*       Not dieing? Then guess the how your friend is! For a correct guess, you get two coins, but beware for incorrect guesses because you will lose two coins.

*       Don’t want to do what the die tells you? Pay one coin to roll again. You can only do this once per tern.

*       Don’t feel like dieing? Pay ten coins to make a friend go for you. You’ll get the one coin when the answer is guessed correctly, but you can’t guess yourself.  You can only do this once per turn.

*       Don’t want to die that way? Pay a coin to draw again and die a different way! You can only do this once per turn.

*       All coins used are returned to the Skull coin holder.

*       When the guessed correctly the death card is discarded into the lid of the box.

*       When you run out of death cards or skull coins, the game is over, the victim with the most coins wins the game

*       Bonus card! Yup there is one bonus death card in the deck. If you are the one that drew it, you get double the coins for each correct word guessed! If you are the guesser, you get a coin for each correct word guessed!

Quick play options:

*       When the bonus card is guessed correctly, end the game.

*       Cut the deck in half. Don’t use half the death cards, you’ll run out quicker.

*       Time limit! Who ever has the most coins in 15 minutes wins.

(I’ll add pictures later :D)



Here’s a video for the theme song of the game, yes, it has a theme song XD

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