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For this challenge I decided to make my Elemental Mania game better. I took the advise of my class mates and made my game better. The first thing I did was print the terrain in color, this should make it funner to play, color excites people 8D. Also the color should make it easier to tell what terrain is what. I also enlarged each terrain, so they each take up the entire card instead of half of it. I figured this made it easier to tell where one space starts and the other ends. I also modified the rules so teams are easier to understand, and the health and convultions of nature cards include what we talked about during play testing. I am also working on making battles easier by making numbers smaller, 20,000 HP was a bit intimidating to most people… The reason I’m having difficulties with this is that some of the NPC monsters I am using have an insane ATK and I am just using Yu-Gi-Oh cards for these monsters and I can’t alture them easily…

Also I am taking suggestions for the name! I really don’t like “Elemental Mania” but I can’t think of what else to call it. If you guys can think of something I’m willing to listen 🙂 plus I’ll give you credit for coming up with it if I chose to use it! lol Thanks!


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